Teak Poster Bed

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Teak wood Poster Bed

Our Teak wood poster bed may be an old style of bed, but it does not have to look like one. With clean sophisticated construction lines wooden materials, a teak poster bed can infuse both modernity and luxury to your bedroom.

Complete with draped canopies, four-poster beds have a dream-like quality that may just be what your bedroom needs.

Originally designed as a piece of practical bedroom furniture that ensures privacy and maintains warmth.

Four-poster beds, also known as canopy beds, are most definitely the best style of bedroom furniture.

We go out of our way to ensure you select a bed that is perfect for you, in the right size and in a color, finish that coordinate with your room.

Clean understated lines balanced proportion. It is this clever balance of traditional and new that provides the thinking behind the stylish four-poster canopy bed to achieve the modest gracefulness of design,

The teak four-poster frame is kept simple and honest, the perfect backdrop for lightweight drapes