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Discover our collection of meticulously crafted modern furniture, tailored to elevate your lifestyle and enhance every corner of your home

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Indulge in luxury with our handcrafted Teak furniture, meticulously designed for unparalleled comfort and timeless elegance in every room.

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Explore our carefully selected furniture pieces, designed to enhance your space with elegance and functionality.

Teak Bed frames

Turn your bedroom into an elegant sanctuary with our finely crafted bed frames & side tables, seamlessly merging with any decor

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Add sophistication and storage to your dining or living area with our stylish sideboards, crafted for both elegance and functionality.

Teak Sleeper Sofas

Discover versatile Teak sleeper sofas, seamlessly blending style and functionality, perfect for hosting guests or lounging in comfort day and night.

Teak Nightstands

Elevate your bedside with our sleek nightstands, offering stylish storage and convenient access to essentials for a restful night.

Sturdy and elegant teak furniture coffee table
RM 1388
Casabella Designs Malaysia

Teak wood and Wicker Furniture

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Casa Bella Designs, a leading manufacturer, supplier, and retailer, offers affordable, high-quality teak, wicker, stainless steel, and rope furniture. With in-house design and research, we deliver tailored solutions and exceptional service, enhancing homes and commercial spaces with unforgettable shopping experiences.

Teak living room

Make your living room cozier and more stylish with our lovely teak furniture collection. Crafted from solid teak wood, each piece is long-lasting and adds a touch of timeless charm to your space. Whether you need a comfy sofa, a handy coffee table, or a sleek TV stand, our teak furniture blends beauty with practicality effortlessly. Enjoy the natural feel and expert craftsmanship of our furniture, and turn your living room into a comfy retreat where you love to spend time. Experience the difference with our stunning teak furniture today!

Teak dining room

Upgrade your dining room with our beautiful teak furniture. Each piece is carefully made from strong, eco-friendly teak wood, ensuring it lasts for years to come. Whether you need a big dining table, stylish chairs, or a fancy sideboard, our teak furniture is both luxurious and useful. Make your dining experiences special in a room that shows off your good taste and quality standards. Add a touch of nature’s beauty to your home with our stunning teak dining room furniture.

Teak Bedroom

Make your bedroom feel luxurious and peaceful with our beautiful teak furniture. Our pieces are made from the best teak wood, which is sourced in a way that’s good for the environment. Each item is not only gorgeous but also very strong. Whether you want a traditional bed frame, a big wardrobe, or a modern nightstand, our teak bedroom furniture combines luxury with usefulness. Enjoy the perfect mix of nature and expert craftsmanship, and create a bedroom that shows off your good taste and love for quality. Make every day special with our amazing teak furniture.


Need Something More Custom? You Dream It We’ll Build It.

At CasaBellaDesigns, we are passionate about turning your vision for the perfect piece of furniture into a reality. With our expert craftsmen and designers, we specialize in creating custom furniture that is as unique as you are.

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