Aries Wicker Sofa

Aries Wicker Sofa

Modern wicker collection from Casa Bella Designs defines luxury outdoor seating with the warm and inviting look of synthetic Wicker peel and comfort of extra thick water repellent cushions.


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  • Material: Viro® Synthetic fiber , Sunproof® Outdoor Fabric.

Wicker Sofa Set

The adaptability of our wicker sofa set to extreme temperatures showcases their resilience and durability, making them an ideal choice for year-round outdoor use. As the weather fluctuates, these sets exhibit unique properties that ensure their longevity and structural integrity.

In colder temperatures, the weave might experience a slight stiffening, which is a natural response to the cold. This temporary change doesn’t compromise the quality or functionality of the furniture. Instead, it demonstrates the material’s ability to adjust to varying environmental conditions while retaining its core durability. Once the temperature stabilizes, the weave resumes its normal state, ensuring continued comfort and usability.

Conversely, in hotter climates, the weave might display increased elasticity, which is again a testament to its adaptive nature. This flexibility doesn’t diminish the furniture’s reliability but rather showcases its ability to endure high temperatures without losing its structural integrity.

  • Weather-Resistant Material: Crafted with all-weather woven wicker that’s designed to withstand various climates and outdoor conditions.
  • Comprehensive Set: Includes a 3-seater sofa, 2-seater sofa, armchairs, coffee table, and side tables, providing a complete outdoor seating arrangement.



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