Beverly 3 Seater Rope Sofa

Beverly 3 Seater Rope Sofa

Ultra Modern 3 seats garden sofa in rope and fabric.‎

Dimension: W190 x D88 x H84  cm



fib-beige  fib-chocolate  fib-darkgrey  fib-green  fib-lightgrey  fib-melon  fib-white

Material: Aluminium Frame, Olefin Rope Webbing, Sunproof® Outdoor Fabric.


Outdoor Rope Sofa

One of our newest Outdoor Rope Sofa models which is ideal for outdoor space, whether on your patio or next to the pool, in your garden or Balcony, the Rope Style Range provides you with the ideal combination of fashion, durability, and weather resistance to suit any space on any occasion.

Specifically designed to withstand all weather conditions, with comfort and durability. This fabric is fast and easy to clean, using soap and water you can remove any stains in minutes.

Product Care
1. Lightly brush off any loose dirt.
2. Prepare a cleaning solution of mild detergent & lukewarm water.
3. Apply a generous amount of the cleaning solution to the rope.
4. Allow the cleaning solution to soak in and then gently clean with a sponge or soft bristle brush.
5. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue and allow to air dry.


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