Teak Aluminum Bench -150cm

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This Modern Aluminum bench hand crafted from aluminium frame, seat and back is made from high quality Grade-A Teak Wood. Its available in several colors.

Dimension:  W150 x D63 x H84 cm

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Teak Aluminum Bench

The Teak Aluminum Bench stands as a testament to innovative design, blending the classic appeal of teak wood with the contemporary resilience of aluminum. This amalgamation of materials brings forth a piece that embodies both timeless charm and modern durability.

Crafted with precision, the teak wood accents on the bench’s seat and backrest introduce a touch of natural elegance and warmth. Teak, renowned for its durability and rich grains, ensures an inviting and comfortable seating experience. Its natural resistance to weathering further enhances its suitability for outdoor settings, promising longevity and minimal maintenance.

Complementing the teak, the aluminum frame offers a sleek and robust foundation. This frame not only adds a modern touch but also guarantees sturdiness and resilience against various outdoor elements. Its lightweight nature facilitates effortless mobility, allowing for easy repositioning within outdoor spaces.

The fusion of teak and aluminum transforms this bench into more than just a seating solution; it becomes a centerpiece that elevates the ambiance of gardens, patios, or public spaces. Its versatile design adapts seamlessly to different settings, offering both style and functionality.

  • Teak Elegance: Grade-A teak wood seat and backrest offer natural beauty and comfort.
  • Aluminum Resilience: Robust aluminum frame ensures durability against outdoor elements.


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